Sunday, November 20, 2011

Decided to reboot this blog a few days ago and now I've finally done it yey.

Things at the new house are looking great. I've finally got my internet connection at home and this time its running on fiber optics.

So what's new so far?
  • I've taken up diving more seriously now. Invested in my first mask a couple months back and also planned to do at least 2 dive trips a year if possible.
  • Moved in to my new house.
  • Sold off my Fender Stratocaster to so call fund my other diving equipment but ended up using it for the house. 
  • Started playing Magic : The Gathering card game again. This time a little bit more serious then the previous.
  • The occasional trips to Malacca often involves some drinking session with one of my colleagues and my boss. I even have my own shot glass in the office there.
My Tusa M-14 Visualator
So there we go, a new post to a not so new blog.
My usual poison

Rainy Sunday

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